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Gerry Dee: Tennis Ace


Photo © 2012 Ontario Tennis Association

Gerry Dee and sports. Hockey. Golf. Basketball. Tennis? Recently, Gerry revealed to the Ontario Tennis Association's magazine that he was, at the U14 level, a provincially ranked junior. We had no idea, Mr. Dee. When asked about what he remembers from his home club as a junior, Gerry recalled: "My home club was Bayview Village. When I was about 14, there was a younger member who was about 10 who always wanted to hit with us. We didn't think he was good enough. His name was Daniel Nestor."

As well as Mr. D, Gerry's known for his sports interviews. If you're now wondering who Gerry would want to quiz from the tennis world, look no further than Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe: "Bjorn I would ask what it was like to play John and John I would ask if he ever regretted any of his antics while playing."

You can read the whole article online. Below, you can see us testing out Gerry's hockey skills against Republic of Doyle's Allan Hawco at the NHL All-Star Weekend in Ottawa: 

Along with the love for hockey, Gerry's golfing prowess has been widely publicised. Before his career in stand-up and subsequent hit comedy series Mr. D here on CBC, Gerry was a Phys. Ed. teacher at a Toronto high school. It's played a big part in his life... and his TV show:



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