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Genies Nominees Before They Were Famous

Earlier this week, we took a look at some of the Genie Awards presenters before they hit the big time. Not wanting to be undone, we were inundated with messages from the nominees asking us where on earth the embarrassing photos of bit-parts past were in their case. That may or may not be true... we felt it only fair to embarrass some of the nominees just like we did the presenters.

Michael Fassbender

He's a good Irish boy, with a good Irish name. Oh, wait... Born in (then West) Germany to a German father and an Irish mother, the family moved back to the Emerald Isle when Michael was just two years old. Like every other aspiring Irish actor, he knew that once cast in a Guinness commercial, it was all go from there. After a role Fassbender claims to have "slept through" in the British hospital drama Holby City (a spinoff of the show Casualty which any British actor worth their salt has had a role in. See Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom and many others) he's gone from strength to strength... with some dancing along the way. Check out his Guinness commercial below:

Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman got in to the acting game relatively late compared to most, at the age of 20. Therefore, there's a shortage of embarrassing footage. Still, we've found what you can see below, Scott in Nancy Drew. What the hell is that around his neck?

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is 53 years old. Yep, that's a fact. Take a look at this footage from 1985. It's Viggo's first ever movie role, in Witness. How can he still look the same today? The man has not aged a jot - but today, he's one of the world's most respected actors. Everyone has to start somewhere:

Charlotte Sullivan

We doubt Charlotte Sullivan regrets getting in to acting at a young age. We have an inkling, though, that when she sees these photos she may regret it for just a split second. Friend of CBC Live, Charlotte's reputation hasn't stopped growing for years, culminating in her Genie nomination for her role in Edwin Boyd: Citizen Gangster. Below you can see Charlotte in (clockwise from top left) Harriet the Spy (1996), Mary Cassat (1999), Kung Fu - A Shaolin Christmas (no word of a lie) and Pathfinder (1994).


Credits (clockwise): © Paramount, © HBO, © ABC, © TNT

Vanessa Paradis

Okay, Vanessa Paradis shot to fame with this very record - Joe le Taxi - but when the song was recorded no one knew who she was. Okay, you win. It's just an excuse to watch the video again:

Rachel Weisz

Jackpot! Good Morning Britain was a show in the UK broadcast, you guessed it, in the morning. They'd have famous guests on. On the days the couldn't get famous people on the couch, they'd get young aspiring actresses to come and say hi. You're welcome... "who wants to be a film star? You don't want to be a film star, do you?"

Michelle Williams

The acclaim bestowed upon Michelle Williams this year speaks for itself. And not just this year, her Genie and Oscar nominations were just the tip of the iceberg. Where did Michelle Williams get one of her first acting gigs? On Tim Allen's Home Improvement (she also guested on Baywatch). Uuuuuhhhghghghgg... that's my attempt at spelling Tim Taylor's signature "grunt".

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