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Free Printables: Musical Valentines from CBC Music

The folks at CBC Music want to help you out this Valentine's Day with messages from artists known to make the heart swoon. Tomorrow (yes, tomorrow is Valentine's day), send your music loving sweetheart one of CBC Music's free printable musical Valentines. There are many to choose from, but here some favourites:

My personal pick is Michael Bolton for being the the king of 80s and 90s romantic power ballads. Nicollette Sheridan was a lucky woman.


Next up, Meatloaf's recipe for love:


Get closer to your lover's heart with words from Rush's front man Geddy Lee. Side note: Does anyone else see that this card could have a subliminal message that lets your sweetheart think they are in control when it comes to directions, however you really are running the show? What do you think?


One for the adventurous types:


Last, but not least, if there's anyone who knows about love (and loss), it's Taylor Swift. Take a cue from her and send your special someone this:


CBC Music has more free printable musical Valentines for you to choose from on their website.

While you're there, check out CBC Music's Love Month section and their Makeup Breakup livestream music channel.


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