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#FollowFriday: Tweets from the Set

Since Twitter became such a big part of our world, it's been so much easier to get a glimpse of a life once very rare to see. Never before has it been so easy to go behind the scenes on your favourite CBC shows, with the stars and crew tweeting pictures and details from on set.

As summer is getting a firm hold on the country, the actors and crew on shows such as Republic of Doyle, Cracked and Arctic Air have been getting on set over the past few weeks to shoot their new seasons. Murdoch Mysteries and Mr. D have been on set for a good few weeks now, and we already have some great shots from there.

Check out who you should be following to keep up to date with all the fun below:

Mr. D:

The creator and star of the show, Gerry Dee, often tweets from the set as do most of the cast. Naomi Snieckus' photo from above is one of our favourites, giving you a glimpse into what the cast get up to in their spare time... make sure you're following the rest of the Mr. D cast, too:

Mr. D on Twitter // Lauren Hammersley // Jonathan Torrens // Mark Forward // Darrin Rose
Wes Williams // Booth Savage // Mark Little // Suresh John // Brian Bannan

Murdoch Mysteries:


Georgina Reilly loves to tweet from the set of Murdoch, and they're always great little tidbits. Yannick Bisson doesn't tweet as often as some, but when he does, you can be sure fans of the show will love it. Be sure to also follow the show on Twitter and Jonny Harris:

Murdoch Mysteries on Twitter // Jonny Harris

Republic of Doyle:

Not only does Allan Hawco star in Doyle, he co-writes and co-created it. He's always keeping in touch with the fans, and he even posted a little video for the social media fans of the show. Be sure to keep an eye on 22 Minutes' Mark Critch, too. As well as guest starring on the show, he loves to pop down to the set for a visit:

Republic of Doyle on Twitter

Arctic Air:


Gary Harvey is the Executive Producer of Arctic Air, and directs some episodes to boot. He's planning on keeping you in the loop throughout the whole shooting process. Be sure to follow the shows stars, too:

Arctic Air on Twitter // Adam Beach // Pascale Hutton



While it may not have started shooting just yet, CBC's newest drama - Cracked - is well into production. The cast and crew are here, and things will be getting under way shortly. Be sure to follow Stefanie von Pfetten, David Sutcliffe, and other regular cast members:

Cracked on Twitter // Luisa d'Oliviera // Dayo Ade

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