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Flooding in the Heartland; Cast Sends Update From Southern Alberta

Images of sunken homes and vehicles are found throughout CBC News' ongoing coverage of the floods in Southern Alberta. But there's one CBC photo, taken Thursday in High River -- the same day a mandatory evacuation notice was sent to the community -- that would seem particularly surreal to fans of Heartland.

Peeking from the depths of brown water, is the top of Maggie's Diner, one of Heartland's most recognized locations.

The photo:

-- CBC News

Just days before, Heartland shared this Vine video of the landmark, which is something of a High River tourist attraction, while filming the upcoming season:

Worst. Before-and-after photos. Ever.

And though a CBC rep tells us the extent of damage to Maggie's Diner has yet to be discovered, there's some good news. Despite the distressing image, all members of the Heartland cast and crew are OK. (That includes every furry resident of the Heartland Ranch, by the way.)

As for the fate of Season 7, production on new episodes will keep on keeping on into the fall. And somehow, we doubt the worst flooding in generations - or any natural disaster, really - could keep Ty and Amy apart. New scenes are being shot in Calgary today. (In a safe and dry neighbourhood of Calgary.)

The show sent out this message earlier today to assure everyone they're doing fine.

They're expected to issue more updates on the situation from the Heartland blog.

For more coverage of the flood itself, visit CBC News for the latest information. The most current updates from reporters and Alberta officials can be found at CBC News Calgary's live blog.

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