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Father's Day Cards for Our Fave TV Dads

Since most CBC TV shows are in production over the summer, Father's Day is one holiday that rarely gets the "very-special episode" treatment.

That's a shame. Whether we're talking Heartland's Grandpa Jack or even Mr. D's Mr. Leung, they're all "No. 1 Dads" to us, so we're sending them a small token of our appreciation.

(They say it's the thought that counts, right?)

Check out these Father's Day Cards for our favourite CBC TV dads.

For Arctic Air's Mel:


Dear Grandpa Jack...


Sent on behalf of the
Republic of Doyle...


Gary, and CBC Live, send their very best to Mr. D's Mr. Leung:


All those long hours at Murdoch Mysteries' Toronto constabulary don't go unnoticed by the Brackenreid kids...


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