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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Inside Heartland Star Amber Marshall's Wedding

(Photo courtesy of Jose Paolo MPA/

We were the only camera crew allowed inside Amber Marshall's beautiful Heartland-style nuptials to Shawn Turner this summer, where family, friends, cast mates and animals all gathered for the big day. 

The dress code called for cowboy boots, the bride arrived on horseback and there was a miniature pony on the dancefloor. 

It was everything Amber's ever dreamed of, even though she's not the party-planning type, as she'll tell you herself in this four part video series that takes you into her home for the preparations, the ceremony, the party and a tour of her ranch. 

We captured everything but the honeymoon, because the bride went straight back to work shooting Season 7 of Heartland which premieres Sunday, October 6th at 7pm/7:30pm NT on CBC. 



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