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Don Cherry Dishes on Tweeting


Don Cherry, one of the most recognisable faces in Canadian broadcasting, may not be the most prolific Twitter user in the world, but when he does tweet... it's worth it. It was back in March of this year that Don joined Twitter, and this was the first message:

He wasn't wrong. In the past eight months Don has, unsurprisingly, amassed almost 100,000 followers. A mainstay on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada and "the voice of the NHL", everyone wants to know his opinion, even if they might not agree. So, with the 2012-13 NHL season still locked out, Don's had more time to... do what, exactly? He's been to see Gordon Lightfoot. He got a shingles shot. He's been stung by bees (sorry to hear that, Don).

He also found the time to sit down with The Globe and Mail's James Mirtle, where he revealed all about why he joined Twitter and just how he tweets:

"Well, nobody knows why I'm on Twitter. But what happened was, about five guys had my name out there, using my name as Twitter. So, CBC, they said we've got to protect ourselves. So we want you in the playoffs to start a Twitter. And I was 'Come on, are you kidding?' I thought Twitter was for birds to tell you the truth.

They said, we've got to do it to protect you. Because these guys say something and people think you said it. So I started and I had a friend [help]. Kathy Broderick, she runs CBC as far as I'm concerned. She helps me on Coach's Corner.

So what I do is I phone in if I see something that bothers me. She takes care of it. She does the typing and all of that because I couldn't do all that. I did one with Dallas Eakins [in it] over Kadri and he said 'he probably has somebody type it for him.' Pretty true! It was a shot. Yeah, it was a good one.

Somebody told me it's over 90,000 [followers] now. No, I just do it. I'm sure there are some negative things, but I don't need that! I just do it.

And I really have come to enjoy it, which I never thought. I kind of got into it. I say different things now... I know I had some stuff that kind of upset a lot of people with the lockout. I can't remember what it was."

Check out the whole article at

Don's activities on Twitter have even been attracting the attention of BuzzFeed writers. One called him a "pinstriped opal". Reflecting on his own recent tweets, Don said:

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