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Doc Zone Offering a Different Take on our Eating Habits

As CBC's fall season première week continues, the flagship documentary series Doc Zone kicks off their new season tonight (Sept. 20) by digging deep into our eating habits with a two-part season premiere: Eat, Cook, Love.

Eat, Cook, Love explores not only what we eat, but how, with whom and who actually cooks the food and aims to motivate viewers to reconnect with the joys of eating and get them back in the kitchen.

Narrated by Doc Zone's Ann-Marie MacDonald, viewers will be exposed to seasoned chefs who cover everything from food obsessions to cooking myths.

In Part 1 of the series, chefs identify that diets goes beyond the food and actually is a way of life - including happiness as a component of mealtime. This can be sometimes forgotten and not experienced due to the fast-paced lifestyles so many have. Part 1 also dives into the topic of junk food.

The series continues with Part 2 on Thursday Sept. 27 and tackles the issue of individuals choosing the frozen or take-out food route instead of buckling down and testing their culinary skills themselves.

Take a look at a preview of Eat, Cook, Love:

And make sure you log onto the Eat, Cook, Love website where you can find out what type of eater you are, discover experts' opinions, photos and fun facts from cooking around the world and take a peak at some secrets from experts in the series.

Doc Zone airs on CBC Television on Thursdays at 9 pm



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