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A CBC Family Dinner: Inside the Cracked and Murdoch Mysteries Season Premiere

The casts of Cracked and Murdoch Mysteries cozy into the kitchen of Toronto's Daniel et Daniel to celebrate their season premieres with Filler Magazine. (--Courtesy Janick Laurent/Filler Magazine)

Just before the second season of Cracked wrapped for the year, the cast and crew got a peek at their first episode. It was informal enough, the show's Dayo Ade told CBC Live, but an emotional moment nevertheless. 

"The whole cast and crew and production, we become like a family," he said. "For all of us to view it together, it was very sentimental."

Ade was minutes from re-living the experience when he said that. September 30, the same night as Cracked and Murdoch Mysteries' premieres, Filler Magazine invited the casts of both shows for special pop-up dinner at Toronto's Daniel et Daniel. Sort of a CBC family dinner, really - a "Mystery Monday" of back-to-back dramas. 

Murdoch Mysteries actor Jonny Harris samples the first course with Cracked's Luisa D'Oliveira (l) and Murdoch's Georgina Reilly (r). (--Courtesy Janick Laurent/Filler Magazine)

For all the intimacy of the private function -- dining elbow-to-elbow with friends/cast mates in a restaurant kitchen -- most premiere nights aren't this glam for the crew in attendance. Last year, Cracked's Luisa D'Oliveira spent the night in with her family in B.C. Murdoch Mysteries' Georgina Reilly usually does something similar. She'll catch the show with co-star Jonny Harris, or just tape it so she can catch up on it later with girlfriends. ("One of my friends is obsessed with the show.") 

(In the interest of everybody eating well and dressing pretty, someone better pitch this as an annual tradition.) Or maybe just a weekly double-header habit for everyone watching at home. But then, most Canadians won't hire an in-house chef for their TV dinners. Chef Matthew Sullivan picked the "secret" space and presided over the menu, and as courses of tuna and caviar with rye, and marrow, and General Tso chicken, and sticky toffee pudding crossed the table, the actors caught up on each others' lives...

And their Twitter feeds...

All while keeping one eye on the TV action.

Helene Joy couldn't be tempted by anything on the table as soon as her character, Dr. Ogden, began her underwater escape. Her co-star Georgina Reilly, couldn't help but be distracted either. When we first ran into Reilly, she was glued to a scene and flashing back to Murdoch's first days of filming in May. On the TV, Higgins was macking on her character, the good Dr. Grace. (Or whatever you'd call the old-timey equivalent to macking.) That's nostalgia for you. But then, the cast is still shooting their 18-episode season. Reilly, Joy and cast mate Jonny Harris arrived straight to dinner from the set.

Georgina Reilly catches up with the Cracked crew. (--Courtesy Janick Laurent/Filler Magazine)

As for the Cracked premiere, star David Sutcliffe was raving about the debut performance of co-star, Brooke Nevin. "It's always tough for a new cast member to come on, and I'm sure she was nervous, you know, new kid on the block. But I think she absolutely crushed it on the first episode," he told CBC Live. Sutcliffe's been enjoying the time off since Cracked wrapped. "Two weeks out, it's kind of relaxed," he said. "I've grown a beard," he smirked. Through whiskers. 

He could cheer on his co-stars, but watching himself on TV is the opposite of R&R. "It's what I do all day, so a lot of times the last thing you want to do when you get home is watch TV," he said. "Every neurotic impulse that I have makes itself known when I'm watching." Luckily, there's this thing called gourmet food. It makes for an excellent distraction, especially when paired with friendly conversation. "The Murdoch crew? They're good folk," Sutcliffe said. "Any chance you get to mix with these guys, it's always fun."

After-dinner photo shoot. Cracked co-stars Dayo Ade and David Sutcliffe. (--Courtesy Janick Laurent/Filler Magazine)

And with production wrapped for the Cracked crew, getting everyone together in one place is about to become increasingly rare. As Ade explained, he'll be off to L.A.. Sutcliffe and Nevin's next stop is Germany. And their co-star Karen LeBlanc is already in Rome. 

"This dinner? Oh, this is going to be emotional," said Ade. "Because after tonight, I don't know how often any of us are going to see each other."

For the rest of us, you can follow Cracked, and Murdoch Mysteries, every Monday on CBC starting at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT).

Want another peek inside this CBC family dinner? Visit Filler Magazine for their photo feature on the supper.

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