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David Sutcliffe's Evolution of Hotness (Infographic)

Everyone loves a man in uniform, even when they just wear one on TV. David Sutcliffe, who plays Det. Aidan Black on CBC drama Cracked, is one of Hello! Magazine's most beautiful Canadians of 2013, and the honour's been a long time coming. This Saskatoon-born star has been swoonworthy since his days of guest-starring on '90s sitcoms.

Check out Sutcliffe's evolution of hotness:


Will & Grace, 1999
Whoa! That '90s mushroom cut is seriously worthy of a Bop Magazine pin-up. Or maybe just a guest-starring role on Boy Meets World.
Grapevine, 2000
Boy-band curls? We're sure there's an army of fans who'd love to run their fingers through that hair. Others might not be as secure in their femininity. Does anyone want a guy who uses more conditioner than them?
Gilmore Girls, 2001-2007
Christopher Hayden, the one who got away! Oh, if only someone could tame him.
I'm With Her, 2003
Scruffy and sensitive? It's a good look, but maybe it's time to splurge on a haircut.
Happy Endings, 2005
We take back what we said about the haircut. Too far, Sutty, too far - but we'll stick by you while it grows back.
Private Practice, 2007-2009
Looking ruggedly handsome, and he knows it.
Misconceptions, 2008
Got to love him, but that dad 'stache is a dealbreaker.

Cracked, 2013
There's nothing more attractive than a guy who loves the CBC. No wonder he's one of the most beautiful Canadians of 2013.

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