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David Cronenberg and Sarah Gadon on Working with Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

(Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon in Cosmopolis, Sarah Gadon and David Cronenberg)

We're big David Cronenberg fans, not just because he's one of the most talented and internationally successful Canadian directors of all time, but because he's also introducing Canadian talent like Sarah Gadon to the world.

The beautiful and intelligent young actress, currently also a film studies student at the University of Toronto, is, of course, Katie Atkins on Being Erica and was Zoe Kessler on The Border.

Now, she's starring in Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method as the wife of Michael Fassbender's Carl Jung and took on an even bigger role in Cronenberg's latest film, Cosmopolis, also starring Robert Pattinson. You may have heard of him.

Cronenberg didn't cast Rob because of his tremendous Twilight Saga fame. In fact, he explained why it made shooting a little more difficult:

"Actually the fame was a detriment," Cronenberg told us. "I mean, it's good for financing - but it's not necessarily good when you're on the street and there are a lot of Twihards around. But I think people will be really surprised, I mean, I think he's a terrific actor and that's why I went after him."

As for Sarah, she was a little taken aback by Rob's superstardom. She only understood the magnitude of his popularity once she was smack in the middle of frenzy. Here's what she had to say...

The release date of Cosmopolis has yet to be announced but you can watch Sarah in A Dangerous Method in theatres across Canada tomorrow


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