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David Chilton Tells Steven and Chris Why He's The 'Anti-Dragon' in the Den

-- Steven and Chris

How did you get so rich? David Chilton gets that one a lot. 

Bet you 12 per cent of our paycheque it's one of his most frequently asked questions -- right up there with "Didn't I see you on Dragons' Den?" (And by the way, the popular program returns for its eighth season Oct. 2 on CBC.)

For the answer to that No. 1 question, though, you could just read The Wealthy Barber. It's the financial planning book that built Chilton's reputation, after all. But for those who'd prefer to save time -- and then their money -- Steven and Chris asked Chilton for the short version. (Quick tips for getting rich, if you will.) So the Dragons' Den star shared his favourite saving tips with the duo when he appeared on their talk show this week. 

You can watch Chilton share his Top 4 "Get Rich Tips" with Steven and Chris in the video below -- but there's another bit of advice he mentions in the episode, something that's got nothing to do with money.

What does it take to be a great Dragon? 

When he joined the show, Chilton says he wasn't too proud to take his CBC colleagues' advice. And after taping his first few episodes, co-star Arlene Dickinson gave him some pointers.

"She did say after my first week I'm not necessarily mean enough, I'm not Dragon-like," Chilton told Steven and Chris. 

(Being kind and courteous has value, but as Chilton explains, "sometimes you can be so pleasant you can keep [guests to the Den] going down a path they shouldn't be going down in the first place.")

Still, Chilton hasn't exactly given up on being the nicest guy on the show. 

"You know, that's my nature," he says, explaining how he always winds up emphasizing the positive. "Even if we have the most horrible pitch, I'll say 'You're out -- but I love your shoes. [...] I'm the anti-Dragon Dragon."

Did he get any more advice from Arlene?

"She told me never, ever listen to Kevin."

Watch him put those sage words into practice tonight on the season premiere of Dragons' Den, 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC.

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