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Stefanie von Pfetten's Sultry Fashion Shoot for Chloe Magazine


Well said, Calum. As the co-creator of Cracked, which premieres tonight, January 8 at 9 pm (9.30 NT) on CBC TV, he's one of the reasons why Stefanie von Pfetten is starting out 2013 with a bang (or a "yowzer").

As she gets ready to debut her role as forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniella Ridley on the show, the stunning Canadian is also gracing the covers of the winter issue of Chloe Magazine and is also featured in Toro Magazine (watch our video from the Toro shoot).

The Chloe article offers a glimpse into her life as an actress and explains why the role she's landed on Cracked was so right for her:

"Pfetten stresses how much Cracked is exactly what she's been looking for. She found interest in psychology and the human mind back in her teens. The 15-year old von Pfetten devoured anything to do with psychopaths, sociopaths and disturbed criminals. There was something about why people did the things (re: horrible things) they did that piqued her interest; the mystery of the human mind, as it were." - Chloe


With Dr. Ridley being Stefanie's first major starring role in the business, she told the magazine how truly excited she is to be given the opportunity to play this part and how she, like her character, takes risks. "It's crazy, it's a dream come true! I'm excited more for personal reasons because I got the role I literally have always dreamed of - the role, the character, everything is exactly what I wanted," Stefanie said. "I chose a career that doesn't really have any stability. You can make a good living or make none at all. [Daniella] chose to leave a safe job to do something new, risky and out of her element; I definitely identify with that."

Stefanie also disclosed a few other facts about herself including that she is a German noble (her father - originally from Germany - is a baron, making her a baroness) and she actively works with rescuing abandoned dogs (she has a huge love for animals and dogs in particular).

We recently visitedStefanie and her Cracked co-stars David Sutcliffe, Dayo Ade and show creator Calum de Hartog on set to talk about the new series:

To read the entire article, pick up your copy of Chloe Magazine on Gateway Newstands, in Chapters and Indigo.

Cracked premieres tomorrow night (Jan 8) at 9 pm on CBC


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