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Cool CBC Stuff: Organic Lunch Bag


We've been bringing you some of the awesome items from the CBC Shop and this week is no different. Whether you buy it online or in store, the featured items are must-haves for those who can't get enough CBC in their lives.

The CBC Organic Lunch Bag is the next "it" thing in lunching. This accessory is not only stylish, but environmentally-friendly to boot. Made of 100% organic cotton, the bag sports a lunch label on one side and the CBC gem on the other! Say goodbye to plain, boring paper bags or plastic lunch boxes and tote this trendy, "green" lunch bag around the city and to work. 

There's enough room to pack tons of food inside such as delicious crunchy chicken apple salad sandwiches and mouth-watering grapefruit, avocado and watercress salad from Kary Osmond and Best Recipes Ever. It's even a great way to start "going green" followed by simple changes to make your home that were mentioned on Steven and Chris.


What it says about you...

Carrying the CBC Organic Lunch Bag tells everyone that you love the environment just as much as you love CBC programming. 

Picture this - you sit down at a table with your coworkers or friends for lunch and everyone knows you're committed to doing your part to reduce our carbon footprint, probably because you watch The National and The Nature of Things and you know what's up. 

Or better yet - you're walking through the city clutching your lunch bag and you happen to pass by the CBC Toronto building when you bump into George Stroumboulopoulos who notices the bag and strikes up a conversation about how much he loves organic materials. It could happen.


Bottom line - the bag speaks for itself. Grab it and get going!

Retail Price: $19.99 // Buy it online from the CBC Shop



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