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Cool CBC Stuff: Mugs


The CBC Shop is full of cool items and we love to bring you our picks. This week we have a little something you can use in a lot of ways.

The CBC Varsity Mug, '60s Mug and Porcelain Mug are three great choices for work, home and travel. Ask any of my coworkers - I love coffee. I drink it on the way to work and throughout the day (the amount may be shocking but I think everyone's used to it now). For those of us who are always on the go during the day, the Porcelain Mug (above, left) is perfect to use while walking through the city because it keeps the drink hot (or cold), has a no-spill lid and is eco-friendly.

The mugs work for non-coffee lovers too. Use them as accessory holders on your desk and get creative with pens, flowers, business cards. The '60s retro logo mug on my desk acts as a makeup holder for a girly touch.


What it says about you...

You're holding your CBC mug while checking your emails. It says "She looks cute and she must be smart... someone to watch The National with at night."


Pick up yours today and start sipping... or decorating.

Retail Price Varsity Mug: $14.95 // Retail Price '60s Mug: $9.99 // Retail Price Porcelain Mug: $16.99

Buy them online from the CBC Shop

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