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Cool CBC Stuff: '40s Laptop Bag


With so many awesome items from the CBC Shop that we're fans of, it's hard for us to choose only one to bring to you each week! Since school is right around the corner for many, we have carefully selected this week's cool CBC item for those of you who are doing last minute back to school shopping and need a little something that's stylish and will impress.

The CBC '40s Laptop Bag is a perfect way to package your laptop and tote it around the city to and from your class. The green nylon case features a retro CBC Radio Canada logo from the '40s on the front as well as a vintage looking Canadian Broadcasting Corp. label below it. Whether you choose to carry it with the handles or sling it across your body with the strap, this bag hold up to a 17" laptop and broadcasts your classic taste in style and programming choices - just like it does for our colleague Malcolm; associate interactive producer on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.


What it says about you...

Think about it - you start or return to school carrying this gem into political sciene class when your professor catches a glimpse of the recognizable CBC retro logo and he or she automatically associates you with being well informed and up to date with Canada's most influential movers and shakers in the political game thanks to Evan Solomon and Power & Politics.

Same goes for all of you in business classes. The moment your professor spots the CBC retro logo, he or she may very well think you have a longtime commitment to following thought provoking coverage of both sides of financial issues by tuning into The Lang and O'Leary Exchange, as well as a "thinks-outside-of-the-box" approach to entrepreneurship by watching Dragons' Den every night after class. Not to mention the fact that your professor may share the same idolization of Arlene Dickinson.

Even If this bag doesn't get you to the head of the class, at least you'll look good in it.


All in all, the bag speaks for your love of CBC and is the perfect back to school purchase!

Retail Price: $69.99 // Buy it online from the CBC Shop



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