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Celebrity Stanley Cup Tweeters

Something's going on tonight. The sports world is abuzz; two cities in particular - Los Angeles and New York. Of course, it's the start of the Stanley Cup Finals. The biggest prize in ice hockey will be awarded to the team that wins this final series, either the Kings or the Devils. You're excited, we're excited, everyone's excited. Tune in to CBC tonight, on television or online, to watch Hockey Night in Canada for the big game. Don't forget, WhileTheMenWatch Hockey Night will also be streaming online during the show for those that maybe aren't such big fans of hockey but want to give it a try with this new, alternative take on watching the game.

Another way to keep in touch with all the goings on is via Twitter. Thus, we have prepared a list of everyone you want to follow to keep up to date with the game. Everyone from CBC Television to celebrity fans, check them out:

The Essentials:

Hockey Night in Canada // CBC:

Celebrity LA Kings Fans:

Celebrity New Jersey Devils Fans:

We're not so sure Shaquille O'Neal will actually be tweeting about the hockey though. We certainly hope so...



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