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Celebrity NHL Playoff Rituals

It's on! The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway, and you can be sure Canadians will be watching CBC's Hockey Night in Canada as they unfold - and interacting with the games live via HNIC's 2nd Screen games and polls.

As George Stroumboulopoulos told CBC Live, hockey is "just a game," but that doesn't stop sports fans from being superstitious - eating the same meal every game night or wearing unwashed shirts (and God forbid underwear) whenever their team is playing.

What's your hockey ritual?

That's the question we put to CBC stars:

don-cherry-small.jpgDon Cherry - Hockey Night in Canada:

When I was a kid we used to play road hockey. We'd come home, we'd play, then Hockey Night in Canada never came on with Foster Hewitt until the second period, believe it or not. When he'd come on, we'd already had our baths and we had our cocoa and we were round the radio... his voice... I'd get chills listening to his voice.

ron-maclean-small.jpgRon MacLean - Hockey Night in Canada:

I would arrange my day around Hockey Night. I would watch curling 4-5, and then while Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner were on I'd rifle over to 7/11 and I'd get my red nibs and my Mountain Dew slurpee... I had everything that I needed to watch the game. I had to watch the start, right? I didn't want to miss a word. You can imagine, when I ended up working on the show, I just keep thinking of the kid going through what I went through, enjoying it. That's the best part.

allan-hawco-small.jpgAllan Hawco - Republic of Doyle:

I used to have every hockey player posted on my bedroom wall and all that kind of stuff. I used to get all the different divisions and get the hockey cards and fill them out on my little chart... and I still do that.

strombo-small.jpgGeorge Stroumboulopoulos - George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

I'm completely unhealthy about hockey, right? I have to tidy my house up before I watch a game. I can't watch the game in a messy environment, 'cause if the game goes really badly... and people have to come find my body, it's going to be a disastrous place... I can't have that! Those sorts of traditions and rituals that you do connect you to when you were young, connect you to when you weren't cynical and it reminds you of being completely passionate about something that doesn't matter. It's just a game... but it doesn't feel like a game when they lose!

tom-power-small.jpgTom Power - CBC Radio 2 Mornings

If the Habs are playing then I wear my Habs jersey and it's a very sacred thing... but I won't get into that since unfortunately they didn't make it THIS year. [Ed. note: This interview was conducted in 2012. The Habs totally made it THIS year.] As for rituals, I typically cheer for whoever is playing the team that knocked the Habs out the past year. My buddy Ed typically comes over with a half case of Canadian, we play NHL 12 during the intermissions, and maybe a few chips. Nothing serious - just normal old hockey watching.

scott-peterson-small.jpgScott Peterson - CBC News

Since I was a kid we would go to our cottage which is on an island. We can only go up after the ice goes out which is about early April just in time for the playoffs. This ritual has now evolved into dragging the TV out onto the deck and watching the game amongst the wind, sunset and waves on the lake.

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