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CBC Stars in Spooky Movie Roles

Many of your favourite CBCers have actually doubled as horror stars. Since it's Hallowe'en, check out our favourite fearsome flicks, and screen one of them at your place tonight for your Hallowe'en haunts.

1. Stefanie von Pfetten in Decoys

You can get acquainted with Stefanie before the premiere of CBC's Cracked by checking out Decoys, a 2004 Canadian horror about college guys trying to lose their virginity. Unfortunately, getting a girl becomes pretty tough for the boys when the women on campus turn out to be not entirely human.

2. Georgina Reilly in Pontypool
With overwhelmingly positive reviews, Bruce McDonald's psychological thriller Pontypool (2008) takes place in a small Ontario town, which is being ravaged by a mysterious frenzying disease. With Murdoch Mysteries' charming Georgina Reilly in a big role, you'll want to check this flick out pre-Hallowe'en.

3. Allan Hawco in The Third Eye
Can't get enough of Jake Doyle? It's okay, we know how you feel. Luckily, Allan Hawco can make a special guest appearance at your Hallowe'en party in The Third Eye (2007), a horror/thriller about an obsession with trepanning (drilling a hole in your own head). It's... not really a feel-good flick.

4. Leah Gibson in The Devil's Ground
Arctic Air's Leah Gibson can be found in The Devil's Ground (2009). This Canadian film comes packed with everything you could ever want in a horror: a menacing small town, warnings from a grizzled old gas station attendant, and the disturbed remains of an old Aboriginal village, to name just a few.

5. Adam Beach in September Runs Red
Everyone's favourite renegade pilot, Adam Beach, stars in the brand-new thriller September Runs Red, in which a woman with a paralyzing phobia of water agrees to let a controversial doctor attempt to cure her on an abandoned island. What could possibly go wrong?

6. Pascale Hutton in Ginger Snaps: Unleashed
Ginger Snaps is a classic Canadian fear flick, and Arctic Air's lovely Pascale Hutton appears in this second entry in the feminist werewolf franchise. Hailed as a particularly well-performed horror, Ginger Snaps 2 would make a great addition to your creeptacular Hallowe'en plans.

7. Amber Marshall in Resident Evil: Apocalypse
The second Resident Evil film, Apocalypse finds Milla Jovovich facing off against the usual zombie hoard; but, if you look closely, you can also find a sixteen-year-old Amber Marshall in the flick! A far cry from the Heartland Ranch, Resident Evil 2 will keep you - and your trick-or-treaters - terrified.

8. Michelle Morgan in Diary of the Dead
Another fantastic offering from George Romero, Diary of the Dead tells the tale of the early days of the zombie apocalypse, as documented by a student filmmaker who sets out to make a low-budget horror. And wouldn't you want Heartland's Michelle Morgan by your side at the end of the world?

9. Krystin Pellerin in Warriors of Terra
You can be terrified by Republic of Doyle's Krystin Pellerin in 2006's Warriors of Terra, in which a headstrong animal rights activist group discovers the biotech lab in town is actually experimenting on humans. As you can probably imagine, it doesn't get better from there.

If you're looking for more spooks on CBC tonight, check out George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight at 7pm, when George Romero will be chatting with Strombo about his long history of zombie flicks.


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