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CBC Stars' Hidden Talents: Lauren Hammersley

There's no doubt about it, the stars of CBC are talented - and we're not just talking about their acting skills. Take Lauren Hammersley, for instance. Not only does the stand up comedienne-turned-actress star in the hit CBC sitcom Mr. D, she also is a skilled photographer and has her own site: Lauren Hammersley Photography.

Focused on fashion, headshots and portraits, Lauren also snaps a wide range of subjects from comedians to musicians, live events to places. With her talented eye for capturing beautiful, comical and sometimes awkward moments, this hidden talent has certainly transformed Lauren into one of Toronto's up-and-coming camera women. Take a look at some Lauren's favourite photos:

We spoke to Lauren to learn more about her snap shot skills...

CBC Live: How and why did you get into photography?

Lauren Hammersley: I've always owned an SLR and enjoyed taking pictures but I bought my first DSLR five years ago and started trying to shoot professionally. For years, my friend, Vancouver photographer Sarah Murray and I used to trade modeling for headshots. She always talks while she's working, "I'm just checking the focus" or "there's a shadow on your face", which is a great quality in a photographer so the model doesn't get insecure. By doing this however, she unwittingly became my first teacher. I knew a lot of comedians who are forever in need of promotional material so I started up by shooting them.

What has been your most memorable subject or experience while photographing?

LH: When I look back on my photos and how they've evolved, the earlier ones were less about the equipment and more about the balls to just take the damn picture. Even though my website hasn't been updated in ages, you can see the glossy portraits there. The following is the type of photography I love: Comedy through honesty. Little surprises. They aren't necessarily my best photos, but they're my favorites.

If you could ask one of your co-stars on Mr. D to model for you, who would it be and what would the photo shoot entail?

LH: I would shoot Suresh John (Mr. Malik). He'd be in a hot tub surrounded by women with his beard covering the entire surface of the water.



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