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CBC Named a Brand of the Year by Strategy Magazine

Today (September 28), CBC has been named one of the brands of the year by Strategy, the magazine that "uncovers and shares the 'bold vision, brand new ideas' of Canada's national marketing community."

CBC is the only media company among the honoured brands - also named brands of the year were the likes of Loblaws, Lululemon, McCain and Toronto Fashion Week - and has been rewarded for the commitment to the way Canadians consume entertainment. Strategy says that "CBC has stepped up to lead that revolution, aspiring to be the voice for a new kind of Canada."

There is a multitude of ways to enjoy CBC content, not just on your television screen. On your computer, on your smartphone, on your tablet, on your MP3 player, even in taxis and on airplanes. And the buck doesn't stop there, with shows like Hockey Night in Canada, Dragons' Den and Over the Rainbow offering second screen experiences (via websites or downloadable apps) to further the connection.

Away from television programming, CBC has some of the most popular radio shows in the country and the new music streaming service, CBC Music, streamed over 7,000,000 hours of music in its first six months alone. A new digital service launched in Hamilton - - is part of the commitment to expanding local services to communities from coast to coast. The next of its kind is due to launch in Kamloops, BC, next month.

It's all part of Everyone, Every Way, unveiled by CBC in 2010. Speaking earlier this year about the five-year plan, Hubert T. Lacroix - President and CEO of CBC - said that the goal is "to ensure that we are, and can continue to be, the first place that Canadians think of when it comes to the Canadian experience, Canadian culture and Canadian democratic life."

Kirstine Stewart, Executive Vice President of English Services at CBC, told Strategy: "I think the opportunities we have now in this space are to give over to the public the chance to be the creators of the content in a bigger way than they used to be."

Read the full story from Strategy online, and check out our video speaking with the stars about what you can expect over the coming year at CBC:



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