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CBC Live @ TIFF On Demand - Day 6

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It's true - the Toronto International Film Festival is half way over. Even so, there's still so much more going on in the second half of the festival and CBC Live has got your daily TIFF fix. You can catch our livestream show - CBC Live @ TIFF - every day at 12:30 pm (ET) to get all of the latest TIFF news from films to fashion.

In today's show above, CBC Live's Jamey Ordolis sat down with CBC arts reporter Deana Sumanac as they went over last night's hot film premieres - Hyde Park on the Hudson, To The Wonder and Antiviral - and interviews with Bill Murray, Brandon Cronenberg and Olga Kurylenko.

Our daily TIFF Fashion File featured stylish stars like Emily Blunt, Sarah Gadon and Rachel McAdams.

Speaking of Ms. McAdams, the Canadian silver screen sweetheart has two films in the festival this year - To The Wonder and Passion - so of course the Canadian profile for the day featured Rachel.

And joining us live on the show - Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart - who is at TIFF with his new film Revolution and he told us how he and his film are trying to save humanity.

Check out the show and log onto our site tomorrow at 12:30 pm (ET) for another CBC Live at TIFF.



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