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CBC Halloween Costume Idea: Mr. D

In recent years, Halloween hasn't been so much about scaring people as impressing them with your costume. Mr. D is a hit Canadian comedy, if you want to emulate the social studies teacher / girls' basketball coach made famous by Gerry Dee, we've sourced the look for you. And don't forget the cringey comments. Those are the most terrifying.


What you'll need:

1. Polo shirt  from Under Armour.

2. Argyle sweater from Old Navy.

3. Blond hair dye - "Easy and mistake proof, even for the first time user." Samy Fat Foam's available in most drug stores.

4. Black dress pants - Simple black dress pants are available at stores like H&M.

5. Yellow whistle - You can get them in most sports stores and online.

6. Basketball - Mr. D loves basketball. Exams be damned.



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