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CBC Grey Cup Party Planning

The Grey Cup is this Sunday (Nov. 25) and as the Toronto Argonauts and Calgary Stampeders prepare for the ultimate showdown in Canadian football, this year's game just happens to be an extra special event; the 100th time the Grey Cup will be presented. To celebrate the momentous occasion for the CFL, we've compiled our favourite Grey Cup sketches from CBC shows that can make for quite an interesting party.

To start us off, we've got a little something for those of you who are planning a Grey Cup party this weekend. George Stroumboulopoulos just so happened to give some unsolicited advice on throwing a Grey Cup party with help from his friends Steven and Chris. Check out this must-have party snack from the guys:

During halftime, play a little trivia game with your guests. Canadian sports commentator and former professional football player Jesse Palmer can start you off with something you might not know about the Grey Cup. See what he had to say about Lord Earl Grey's trophy when he appeared on Strombo:

Next up, a little comic relief (in case your team is down). The folks of Air Farce have plenty of past Grey Cup funnies for you:

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And after the game is over, the Canada Post has a great way to remember the 100th Grey Cup, which also can double as party favours. We'll let the Rick Mercer Report explain:

From CBC Sports: Gearing up for the 100th Grey Cup



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