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CBC Doc Under Fire, Lorne Michaels among Peabody Award winners

Lena Dunham's Girls and Louis CK's Louie are among the TV winners of the 72nd annual Peabody Awards, along with series Doctor Who and Switched at Birth. And of the 39 winning titles announced Wednesday - each selected by the Peabody board as the best works of electronic media broadcast in the last year - one inclusion is a film that first aired on CBC.

Under Fire: Journalists in Combat, from Toronto filmmaker Martyn Burke, is a Peabody Award winner. The feature, produced by the CBC's documentary channel, follows war reporters - both from the CBC and outlets including the Times of London and Associated Press - into combat, exploring the effects, psychological and otherwise, of working in conflict zones.

"Basically we want to get across the idea that both war and covering war have changed dramatically in the last 10 or 15 years," Burke told CBC News in a November 2012 interview about the film. "Now the journalists are as much a target as the actual soldiers. As someone in the film says: 'If they kill a soldier, it's not news. If they kill a journalist or kidnap a journalist, then it's big news."

Another winner with CBC ties is Lorne Michaels, Saturday Night Live's creator and executive producer whose links to the Mother Corp. range from CBC Radio sketch comedy The Russ Thompson Show to executive producer credit on CBC classic The Kids in the Hall.

Michaels, however, is not a work of "electronic media," but rather a 68-year-old man who was raised in Toronto. According to the Peabody Awards website, the honour marks a "rare" occasion wherein an individual is given a Peabody Award. Their reason: "because he's the patron saint of satirical television comedy and, as one of his old co-conspirators would say, you're not."

The full list of winners can be found at This year's honourees will be recognized in a ceremony May 20 in Manhattan.

Watch vintage CBC video of Lorne Michaels and Gilda Radner talking about Saturday Night Live:

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