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Who's Really Canada's Most Beautiful? CBC Stars Share Their Picks

Canada, you already know you're beautiful.

So if Hello! Canada is going to cap their list of the most beautiful Canadians at 50 people, clearly we're left with millions and millions of poor, lost, and yet ridiculously good-looking souls, still desperate for recognition.

To help solve this problem, CBC Live asked the stars at Hello's Canada's Most Beautiful party to share their own lists.

Find out who Pascale Hutton, David Sutcliffe and more would pick.


1. Pascale Hutton
"Well, I've got a big crush on Pascale Hutton from Arctic Air," says the Cracked star. "I know her, and I know she's married, but that's why the crush is safe. I think she is just beautiful inside and out. I love her."

2. Allan Hawco
The Republic of Doyle star was on Hello! Canada's beautiful Canadians list in 2012. "I'm sure he was," says Sutcliffe. "I think Allan Hawco is a real handsome dude."

3. You?
"Who's beautiful?! Who's beautiful?" says Sutcliffe, at a loss for a third choice. "I'm sure I'm going to meet some of them here. Ask me when I get out of the party."


1. Colin Mochrie and Deb McGrath
"Can that be one and the same? Those two are fantastic, and they're generous to the soul, the kind of people you're always trying to pay back for their generosity and you'll never be able to do it, so sometimes I do favours for other people on behalf of them," says Mr. D star Snieckus.

2. George Stroumboulopoulos
He's on Hello! Canada's list this year, and Snieckus says it's well deserved. "You know, getting to know George has been pretty great. He's beautiful inside and out."

3. Matt Baram
The Seed actor is Snieckus's guy, so she'd better include him. "Otherwise, why would I live with him? He's pretty beautiful. Even in the morning he has laughs for me, which is beauty to me. If somebody's funny, that's beautiful."


1. Greta Podleski
"I've got to pick my girlfriend as number one, obviously, or I'm in big trouble," says the Dragons' Den star.

2. Pascale Hutton

"I love Pascale Hutton's look, her personality," says Chilton, who befriended the Arctic Air star and her husband in Vancouver about a year before he made his own cameo appearance on the show. "They didn't put me in a scene with her, they knew I wouldn't behave."

3. Amanda Lang
"She's a great friend of mine, and I think she's very beautiful," says Chilton. Her Lang and O'Leary Exchange co-star, however? "Kevin would not be in my top 3."


1. Joni Mitchell
"I remember her my whole life as being this kind of ethereal, Canadian beauty, and I still think she's beautiful. She's a great artist, she's the top of my list," says O'Leary. "To me beauty is partly physical, but it's also your aura, and who you are. She's beautiful to me."

With that in mind, his picks for No. 2 and 3 are...

2. David Chilton

3. Amanda Lang
"She's already on the list," he says of his Lang and O'Leary Exchange co-host. "I'm taking most of the credit for that, to be honest with you. There's no question about it. When we talk about Lang and O'Leary Exchange, they often say 'Beauty and the Beast.' And I say, 'Don't call Amanda a beast!'"


1. Jennifer Hedger
"I saw Jennifer Hedger here, she's from TSN, the sportscaster, and I got a little starstruck, I have to admit," says Harris, who plays Constable Crabtree on Murdoch Mysteries. I've been watching her for years! It's a long time. In fact, she doesn't look old enough for me to have been admiring her for that long. You know what I mean? I feel like it's been since I was a little boy, but she looks to me like she's my age. I have to get a photo with her, because all the guys, all my buddies will think that's really cool."

2. Mark O'Brien
"That guy's pretty sharp." (Truth. The Republic of Doyle star was also within earshot.)

3. Katie Boland and Georgina Reilly
"They're looking pretty foxy. Tied at number 3!" he said of the actresses. But what makes someone beautiful? "Well, I think it's in their spirit, their generosity, their outlook on life, their demeanor," says Harris. "But a pair of high heels doesn't go astray either."


1. Arlene Dickinson
"I am just aghast that she is not on this list, because I think she is just the most radiant woman I have ever met," says Hutton of the Dragons' Den star. (Surely she can use her power as one of Hello! Canada's most beautiful people to demand a recount.) "I've amost been a little shy around her because I think she's so stunning."

2. Sarah McLachlan
"I've always thought she is beautiful in and out."

3. David Chilton and David Sutcliffe
Full disclosure: we let Hutton know these two added her to their lists. "I'd have to pay it back and say David and David are both pretty handsome guys. Tied."

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