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Brandon Cronenberg Opens up about "Antiviral"

Antiviral, Brandon Cronenberg's highly anticipated feature film directorial debut finally hits theatres today. The film is a body horror in the vein of his father, David Cronenberg's early works. It's been making waves internationally, playing at premiere festivals such as Cannes and TIFF, and now the Canadian public can finally see it.

The film takes place in a star obsessed world where people buy and sell celebrity viruses. Syd March (Caleb Landry Jones), is a clinic employee who sells viruses illegally on the side. When he injects himself with one of Hannah Geist's (Sarah Gadon) deadly viruses, he is forced into a whirlwind search to try to cure himself.

Brandon joined CBC Live's Livestream show during TIFF to talk with Jamey Ordolis and arts reporter Eli Glasner about his film. The director opened up about being raised by one of Canada's most revered filmmakers, how he conceptualizes Antiviral, and what it all means to him.

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