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Before They Were CBC Stars: Dayo Ade

Dayo Ade (Die-yo Ah-dey) is about to become a break-through star in CBC's new drama Cracked; but what you don't know about Dayo is that he's actually coming full circle as a CBC star.

Born in Nigeria, Dayo's family moved to Toronto when he was very young. Showing an interest in acting at just 11 years old, Dayo landed his first gig right here at the CBC two years later, playing Bryant Lister 'BLT' Thomas on Degrassi Junior High. The second in the boundry-breaking Degrassi series, Dayo was part of the shows' first-ever mixed-race couple. In 1990, Dayo, along with the rest of the Degrassi cast, was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble.

Dayo reprised his role as BLT in the next franchise on CBC, Degrassi High, and in the 1992 made-for-TV Degrassi movie, School's Out. In the early 90s, Dayo also appeared in a few episodes of another classic CBC series, The Kids in the Hall.

After a series of appearances in Canadian film and television (including Rude, Jungleground, and Due South), Dayo left Toronto for Los Angeles to pursue his dreams - though he's always remained grateful for the opportunities he had while in Canada. In LA, Dayo began to score roles in hit series likes Charmed, The Shield, Las Vegas, Joan of Arcadia, Star Trek: Enterprise, Scrubs, Alias, ER, and Without A Trace. More recently, he's appeared in shows like Castle and NCIS: LA - where he got to play an MMA fighter, fighting LL Cool J. Check out a behind-the-scenes clip of Dayo in action on CSI: NY:

What garnered Dayo the most attention, though, was his prestigious recurring role as one of the Others on LOST. Originally only slated to appear in one episode, the producers liked him so much that they asked him back. As a fan of the show, Dayo found the whole experience surreal and exciting.

You may have caught Dayo on your screens most recently as record producer Dynasty on The L.A. Complex; a show, fittingly enough, about Canadian actors trying to make it big down south.

So, what's next for Dayo? The Toronto native is going to be returning to his roots right here at the CBC, playing Psychiatric Nurse Leo Beckett in the new drama Cracked, about the top team in the Psych Crimes and Crisis Unit. As the team's medical professional, Dayo is excited about playing a part quite different from the more traditional "tough-guy" roles in his past.

Cracked premieres Tuesday, January 8th at 9pm - don't forget to check it (and Dayo!) out!

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