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Before They Were CBC Stars: David Sutcliffe


At the CBC 2012-13 Season Preview, it was announced that David Sutcliffe would be coming to CBC to star in the new police drama Cracked. When he walked into the room and on stage with his co-star Stefanie von Pfetten, the ladies in the room gasped. "Oh my," they said. "David Sutcliffe is here," they said. And then they collectively swooned.

All the ladies - and some of the men too - wanted a piece of Mr. Sutcliffe. Just check out our videos from Toronto and Calgary to see what we mean. It's no surprise that when you type 'David Sutcliffe' into Google, 'married' is the third most popular query...


David Sutcliffe was born on June 8, 1969, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After studying at the University of Toronto and landing some roles in Canada, he made his way to Hollywood to start what would turn out to be a long and successful career in film and television. Now a star of the CBC, before Cracked Sutcliffe had recurring roles in two much loved American dramas: Private Practice and Gilmore Girls.

It all started though with a role in the Canadian-shot TV show Forever Knight as 'FiancĂ©'. Hey, we all have to start somewhere. From then on, things only got better. In 2000, he guest starred in one of the biggest sitcoms of all time, Friends. It was a memorable turn as Kyle, a potential boyfriend for Phoebe. The thing is, Ross started dating Kyle's ex Whitney, with - as ever - hilarious results.

His first starring role on TV was in the US remake of the hugely popular British show Cold Feet - that shot James Nesbitt and Helen Baxendale (who you'll know as Emily in Friends) to fame - before his next alongside Teri Polo in the sitcom I'm With Her. Polo played a film star that fell in love with David's character Patrick, a public school teacher.

In 2005, David was reunited with Lisa Kudrow in the movie Happy Endings. The comedy also starred Steve Coogan and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Check out the trailer below:

Now, Sutcliffe is back in Canada - after fourteen years in Los Angeles - to star in CBC's Cracked as Aidan Black. Black's an unstable police detective that partners with Dr. Daniella Ridley (von Pfetten) - a psychiatrist - in the Psych Crimes and Crisis Unit. They're charged with investigating the most baffling and psychologically complex crimes in and around Toronto. Check out a few snippets from the show as we talked to the stars at the CBC 2012-13 Season Preview:

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Fun fact: Sutcliffe had a role in Dave Chappelle's Half Baked, just like CBC Live's own James Cooper. Check out James - then 13 - walking into a door...

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