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Be the Star of Your Thanksgiving Potluck with These CBC Tips

If you're invited to a Thanksgiving potluck, the main course is probably taken care of already. 

(If not, CBC chef Christine Tizzard's got a how-to on cooking the "Perfect Turkey." Maybe you can find a way to tactfully slip that link to your host.)

As for the rest of the feast, that's up to you and your friends. Maybe you've called appetizer duty. Maybe you've promised pumpkin pie for 12. Maybe you'll just give up, sleep all day, and bring a hockey bag full of beer to the party. 

Whatever the case, you'll want your dish to stand out.

So be thankful CBC's daytime shows already have you covered. We've mined their cornucopia of awesome recipes and come up with twists on Thanksgiving dinner classics, as suggested by the teams at Steven and Chris, Best Recipes Ever and In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita.

Visit their websites for even more Thanksgiving tips -- from apps to desserts to instructions on building your dinner table.

On the the menu...

Classic Thanksgiving Starter - Squash Soup

The CBC Twist - Best Recipes Ever Cheddar and Leek Soup


Thanksgiving is a time of indulgence. Why wait 'til dessert to go overboard? This rich, English-inspired soup (ale and Worcestershire sauce give the broth a kick) has a beautifully inviting colour, perfect for an autumn dining table. Best Recipes Ever suggests a three to five-year-old cheddar for the most delicious results.

(Get the recipe.)

Classic Thanksgiving Side - Mashed Potatoes

The CBC Twist - Lobster and Boursin Mashed Potatoes


Everything's better when you add lobster. (And swapping milk and butter for dollops of Boursin cheese couldn't hurt, either.) But "Perfect Mashed Potatoes" come in many forms. Steven and Chris have suggestions for three inventive twists on this comfort-food staple -- including Olive Oil and Lemon Mashed Potatoes and Coconut and Cumin Mashed Potatoes. Should you insist on being a potato purist, they have expert tips on making a straight-up mash, too.

(Get the recipes.)

Classic Thanksgiving Veggies - Brussels Sprouts

The CBC Twists - Brussels Sprouts Sauteed with Sundried Tomatoes and Pine Nuts or Curried with Paneer and Bacon


Try this sundried tomato and pine nuts sprouts recipe from Stefano Faita and you'll always eat your veggies. If you're craving something more adventurous, though, Steven and Chris have a recipe for a brussels sprouts side with extra kick. Bacon is a favourite way to improve on this side, but their chef Vikram Vij takes that combo and adds some curry and paneer too.

(Get the recipes from In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita and Steven and Chris.)

Classic Thanksgiving Dressings - Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce

The CBC Twists - Sausage, Apple & Cheddar Bread Pudding, Cranberry Cabbage


Sometimes stuffing needs more...stuff. Steven and Chris suggest this savoury/sweet bread pudding that bakes up fresh kale with all sorts of gooey and comforting goodness.

And because you'll want something else to dress up your turkey, remember there are other ways to involve cranberries than turning them into sauce. Best Recipes Ever suggests their "Cranberry Cabbage" as a fun and fresh complement to your bird.

(Get the recipes at Steven and Chris and Best Recipes Ever.)

Classic Thanksgiving Dessert - Pumpkin Pie

The CBC Twist - The Pumpkin Alexander


Everyone loves dessert. They'll love it even more if they can drink it. Steven and Chris mixologist Simon Ho created this after-dinner treat -- and there's real pumpkin-pie filling in every cocktail glass. That's what gives it a festive kick. (Well, that and a shot of brandy.)

(Get the recipe.)

For more recipes, festive or otherwise, visit In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita, Best Recipes Ever and Steven and Chris.

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