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Arrested Development's David Cross Reveals Tobias Funke's Real Life Inspiration on Q

He's the first and only TV character to come out of the closet as a "Never Nude," but are there people like Arrested Development's Tobias Funke in real life?


Tender daffodils who could use some time with a licensed analyst/therapist to work through issues of delusion and denial?

David Cross plays Tobias on Arrested Development, and he'll squeeze into his Never Nude cut-offs again this spring, when the show relaunches on Netflix in May.

After seven years off the air, an entire season of the cult sitcom will premiere in one go, something Cross discussed with CBC's Jian Ghomeshi during Q's recent taping in New York City.

Before highlights from Q's trip to NYC air on CBC-TV Sunday, April 14 at 1 p.m., raw video of Ghomeshi's interview with Cross - as well as guests including Vampire Weekend, Cyndi Lauper and Alan Alda - can be viewed online.

(We've posted the footage below.)

If you wanted AD scoop, the Q chat was spoiler free. Cross kept Season 4 intel better hidden than a Bluth housing development in Iraq.

But Ghomeshi did talk to Cross about what it's like portraying Tobias, the character who redefined the phrase "I blue myself."


How do you get into character when you're playing a character as cartoonish as Tobias? Asked Ghomeshi: "Are there people like him?"

"Yeah," Cross replied. "Twenty per cent of Republicans are, I would say, sexually confused. The people who talk the loudest, people who are most homophobic - shocker - turn out to be gay."

Zinger aside, there are, indeed, Tobias Funkes among us. "You just study people," Cross said in his Q interview, explaining how he gets into character.

He wouldn't, however, want to hang out with any of them.

"Could you be friends with a character like that?" asked Ghomeshi.

"Oh, absolutely not," said Cross.

For more on why - and further Arrested Development chatter from David Cross's Q interview, watch the footage below:

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