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VIDEO: Arlene Dickinson and Jim Treliving On The Big Decision

"Jim represents a lifeline to me," says one of the business owners in the trailer for The Big Decision, which premieres tonight at 9 p.m./9:30 NT on CBC TV.

As Canadian companies struggle after the recession, two of CBC's Dragons - Jim Treliving and Arlene Dickinson - set out to help. 

Every episode of The Big Decision follows two companies in need of business savvy and instruction, which Jim and Arlene provide. But most of all, they need an investment - which Jim and Arlene will have to decide to give to one, both, or neither of the companies at the end of each episode. 

Although Jim and Arlene are accustomed to being pitched, this was a very different experience for both of them.

"You can't get that involved with any business and with the entrepreneurs and not have their stories touch you, " said Arlene. 

We spoke to them about the show and how they tackled some of the big decisions they had to make: 


WATCH: The Big Decision Trailer


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