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Are You the Next Sharon, Lois and/or Bram? Enter The Great Kids' CBC Viewer Voted Song Search

Kids today might not know a Casey from a Finnegan, but CBC has been home to some classic children's entertainment, especially where music is concerned.

Sharon, Lois and Bram's The Elephant Show made three nonsense words -- "Skinnamarinky Dinky Dink" -- mean the world to a generation of tots:

Plus, every little TV watcher knew the words to their Elephant Show theme song:

Fred Penner's "The Cat Came Back" is so beloved, the Fred Penner's Place star performed the tune for George Stroumboulopoulos's The Hour:

And since we're just posting as many classic CBC kids tunes as possible, why not dance your cares away to Fraggle Rock?

But it's time there were new songs for new CBC kids. And that's where you come in.

Are you the next Sharon, Lois and/or Bram? The Great Kids' CBC Song Search wants you.

Write an original song that you think the preschool set would dig, record it and send it to CBC by April 1.

The competition is open to groups with up to six performers, so if you have a band who's just as dedicated to turning the nation's playrooms into mini mosh-pits, bring them along, especially if any of them play Sewerphone. Fans can vote for their favourite track by visiting The Great Kids' CBC Viewer Voted Song Search website starting April 8, and the tune with the most votes wins.

The grand prize? A trip to Toronto where the champ will perform the winning hit for the crowd at Kids' CBC Days in July. Plus, CBC will produce a music video for your tune, so it's ready to air on Kids' CBC -- just like all the tot-friendly classics that came before it.

Full contest rules and more details about the competition can be found at the Kids' CBC site.

For more Kids' CBC music, check out their music stream on CBC Music.

Watch Mamma Yamma announce the contest:

Mamma Yamma Arrives at the CBC Shop
Sam Roberts Band, Of Monsters and Men Headlining Festival
Photos - Kids' CBC Days



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