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Are Kids Making or Faking the Grade? Herein Lies the Answer...

According to a 2006 study in the Canadian Journal of Higher Education:

● 58% of first-year students admitted to serious test cheating when they were in high school.

● 73% admitted to serious cheating on written work while in high school.

● 53% of undergraduate students admitted to at least one instance of serious cheating on written work sometime in the last year.

● 18% said they had cheated on a test in the last year.

73% is a staggering number. That study surveyed 15,000 Canadian students at eleven universities and colleges, and now CBC's Doc Zone will dig even deeper into the epidemic. A one hour documentary, Faking the Grade: The Shocking Truth About Classroom Cheating, airs on CBC Television tonight (Nov. 15) at 9pm (9.30 NT).

They'll reveal just how easy it can be for students to cheat in today's world with video sharing and other technological advances, and they'll explore the disadvantages... not just for the honest students, but for the unflinching cheaters that get away with it.

You'll encounter one man who made $50,000 a year writing essays for students. And if you think it's limited to the classroom and on campus... think again. Watch the preview above and tune in tonight at 9pm to see just how high the cheating fiasco goes.

Faking the Grade: The Shocking Truth About Classroom Cheating airs tonight on CBC at 9pm (9.30 NT)



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