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VIDEO: Amanda Lang on The Power of Why

"What happens to curiosity?" Amanda Lang asks in the first chapter of her new book, The Power of Why. The answer, in brief, is that curiosity - although often stifled by both society and the individual - leads to greater self-awareness, creativity, innovation and an overall richer and happier life.

In her debut book, the CBC News senior business correspondent and co-anchor of The Lang & O'Leary Exchange shows us how to reignite our curiosity and use it to achieve greater success. 

The chapter titles read like a mantra for innovative thinking:

Chapter 2 - Forget What You Think You Know
Chapter 3 - Question Yourself
Chapter 4 - Figure Out What No One Else is Doing
Chapter 5 - Dream Big
Chapter 6 - Borrow, Don't Follow
Chapter 7 - Be Prepared to Change Course - Frequently 
Chapter 8 - Get Engaged 
Chapter 9 - Play Well (A Little More Roughly, That Is) with Others
Chapter 10 - Talk to Strangers
Chapter 11 - Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

The book itself supports these golden rules with fascinating stories of unique innovators, prompting many comparisons of Amanda's debut to the work of Malcolm Gladwell. David Chilton - CBC Dragons' Den star and the author of the best selling Canadian book of all time, The Wealthy Barber - adds to the compliment by saying that he prefers Amanda's prose.

We talked to Amanda about what inspired her to embark on the journey of discovering and writing about The Power of Why...

As the senior business correspondent for CBC News, Amanda Lang contributes regularly to The Nationa; and anchors The Lang & O'Leary Exchange on CBC News Network with CBC Dragon Kevin O'Leary.

You can watch the all new 30-minute edition of The Lang & O'Leary Exchange daily at 6:30 pm on CBC TV. The regular 60-minute program airs weeknights at 7 pm ET on CBC News Network.



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