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After 7,000,000 Hours: The Top Ten Artists on CBC Music

As you can see above (tweeted by Executive Vice President of English Services at CBC, Kirstine Stewart), CBC Music - Canada's new, free, digital music platform - is not yet even six months old and is already up to a staggering 7,000,000 hours of Canadian music listened to. What does that equate to? Well, it's around 420,000,000 minutes. The length of Adele's mega-popular 21 record is around 48 minutes. In 420,000,000 minutes, you could listen to 21 almost 9,000,000 times.

The longest piece of music in the world is 639 years long. Bear with me, here. According to Wikipedia, it's an organ piece written by John Cage called OrganĀ²/ASLSP. It's currently being played at the St. Buchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany. Honestly. Going strong now for almost eleven years, the piece is scheduled to finish on September 5, in the year 2640. It's a shame none of us will be around to hear it. The ASLSP, by the way, stands for As SLow aS Possible. They really, really took that to heart. The first chord took 27 months to play on a machine called a bellows. A bellows provides a constant supply of air that keeps the pipes playing. And how many hours does this piece of music last? 5,601,480. Nothing on 7,000,000.

After the 7,000,000 hours, you may be wondering who the most popular artists are on CBC Music. Right at this very moment, Kathleen Edwards is the most popular, but since the beginning of CBC Music, Joel Plaskett (along with his Emergency) have been the most listened to. Let us run down the top ten for you, below:

10. Feist (571,252 plays)

9. Great Lake Swimmers (596,772 plays)

8. Arcade Fire (630,460 plays)

7. Tegan & Sara (633,055 plays)

6. Wintersleep (665,033 plays)

5. New Pornographers (694,792 plays)

4. The Weakerthans (761,264 plays)

3. Dan Mangan (896,607 plays)

2. Stars (996,956 plays)

1. Joel Plaskett (1,340,683 plays)

Keep listening, everybody.

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