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6 Pro-Star Tips for Your Stanley Cup Party


The Blackhawks face the Bruins this evening on Hockey Night in Canada. It's the first game of the Stanley Cup final, and whether you're expecting to have the gang over for every round - or just Game 7 - it's time to party like, well, it's Stanley Cup finals.

So for some party-planning pro-tips, we're turning things over to the experts - CBC chefs Stefano Faita and Christine Tizzard plus HNIC's Andi Petrillo and Kevin Weekes.

Here are their 6 suggestions for throwing a get-together worthy of Lord Stanley.


"Well, you've got to have great food. I mean, that's the success to anything," HNIC's Andi Petrillo tells CBC Live.

If you're looking for inspiration, Best Recipes Ever's Christine Tizzard tells us burgers are instant winners. "I don't think I've been anywhere where I have not turned down those little mini burgers," she says.

Stefano Faita's suggestion? The In the Kitchen host recommends something similar. "Pub grub. Just bring it up a notch."

(For some examples, just check out CBC Live's Playoff Party Recipes. There are plenty of suggestions from both chefs found within.)

Food, adds HNIC's Kevin Weekes, is the "first thing. Honestly. And your guests will appreciate it."


For every goal, save or rock 'em sock 'em moment, you and your guests will be raising your glasses. Make sure they're filled with something tasty.

Since you won't want to miss a second of the action, let your guests play mixologist for the night and set up a mini-bar in the TV room.

"I find that having a little mini-bar station is really great," Christine Tizzard tells CBC Live. "When people come in, get them one drink to get them started, but then after that they're kinda on their own."

Put together all the "typical things" you would need: glasses, beer on ice, a collection of liquor and mix "and maybe a bunch of little skewers already prepped with garnishes" for the cocktail crowd.

"Sometimes I'll do a big pitcher of something, like a big pitcher of homemade ice tea or lemonade or something like that, and then people can add their vodka or gin or whatever their choice liquor is."

(Psst! Find Tizzard's how-to for Watermelon Lemonade at Best Recipes Ever.)


Aside from the rink, or maybe a Canadian wedding, the only place you can wear a grubby Bruins jersey and meet dress code is at a Stanley Cup party. Wear those colurs with pride, and go ahead dress like you want to be on the Jumbotron (even if there isn't one in your best friend's rec room). Andi Petrillo tells CBC Live she loves how fans come up with creative traditions around playoff time, growing playoff beards, playoff mohawks. Maybe have a fun little theme like that at the party, too, she suggests.


The rules of good sportsmanship apply to sports fans, too. So if your buddy's the only guy on the couch in a Blackhawks cap, don't go starting a living-room riot.

"Be good to each other," Andi Petrillo tells CBC Live. "I know when fans start cheering on different teams things can get a little feisty, and at a great party there's always some fun ribbing, but just have a good time."


Don't make your menu a game-day decision.

"Get organized!" Stefano Faita tells CBC Live. "That's the one thing I can say."

He suggests prepping your food the day before. For example, if you're doing barbecue, marinate everything overnight. Or, even better, just cook everything in advance and keep it warm in the oven.

That way, he says,"even when your friends come over, you've got nothing to do except for drink and eat and watch the game."


Kevin Weekes says the best hosts have killer home theatres.

"You can't have a little bitty 22-inch screen with no high resolution or whatever. It's got to be proper," he tells CBC Live. "You want to bring the game to everyone in attendance."

"And to see our faces perfectly," adds HNIC's Andi Petrillo."

"Well, yeah," he continues. "That goes without saying."

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final airs Wednesday, June 12 at 8 p.m. ET on CBC.


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