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500th EPISODE SNEAK PEEK: Steven and Chris Play With Adorable Exotic Animals

Today at 2pm on CBC TV, Steven and Chris celebrate their 500th episode and they've got a huge show in store.

We got a sneak peek clip featuring some of their special guests - an adorable lemur, a friendly white-handed gibbon and a baboon that made both the guys pretty nervous. Check it out...


Because I'm their regular tech and web contributor, people always ask me what they're really like.They are exactly the same smart, funny, caring, nurturing, fun people you see on the show every single day. Except in real life, they're even hotter! 

And, of course, they're awesome with connect and sharing on Twitter and Facebook year round. If you're a fan of the guys, you can sign the 500th episode e-card right here

They're also celebrating today's milestone with "The Ultimate Giveaway" seen below and valued at over $1000. Enter now to win.

We've loved every second of the first 500 episodes and we've learned and laughed so much. We can't wait for the next 500, which the team is already shooting. You can join in the fun in person anytime by getting free tickets to the show. Congrats, guys!

Enter to win the Happy 500th Prize Pack


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