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5 New CBC Radio Stars That Might Surpise You

Add another activity to your Labour Day Weekend plans: listen to CBC Radio.

September 2, a new season of programming begins on the airwaves, which means the return of so many familiar voices -- The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti; Q's Jian Ghomeshi; Day 6's Brent Bambury -- and many familiar shows, programs that have grown up with Canadians like The Vinyl Cafe (which turns 20 this year) and As It Happens (which turns 45).

And while you can navigate the new fall schedule at -- which provides airdates and program info on long-time favourites from Quirks & Quarks to The Debaters -- there are a few unexpected tweaks and additions to this fall's line-up.

From exclusive guests to celebrity hosts, there are 5 stars coming to CBC Radio this fall that might surprise you.

Flip through the gallery to reveal who they are.

For more information about CBC Radio One's schedule, check out

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