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3 Degrees of Daniel Radcliffe; Can You Link the TIFF '13 Star to CBC?

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With three titles at TIFF -- The F Word, Horns and Kill Your Darlings -- Daniel Radcliffe is proving he can make movie magic without playing Harry Potter. But the young actor has way more connections to the CBC than he has film credits -- albeit if you consider all the links that are three degrees removed.

We've already connected TIFF '13 guests Scarlett Johansson and Benedict Cumberbatch to your favourite CBC stars.

Let's play 3 Degrees of Daniel Radcliffe!

If you think of more CBC personalities with a thrice-removed link, tweet us at @CBC Live.

Peter Mansbridge:
22 Minutes vet Mary Walsh:
Cracked's Dayo Ade:
Another Cracked star, Luisa D'Oliveira:
Arctic Air's Adam Beach:
Arctic Air guest star Leah Gibson:
Kevin McNulty of Arctic Air:
Murdoch Mysteries actor, and Coronation Street alum, Thomas Craig:
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