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3 Degrees of Cumberbatch: See the TIFF Star's Ties to the CBC

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With three major premieres -- opening film The Fifth Estate, August: Osage County and 12 Years a Slave -- Benedict Cumberbatch is already the breakout star of TIFF '13, a month before the fest begins. If you're not already a "Cumberb*tch," you will be by the end of the festival, because this 37-year-old Brit is about to be everywhere. But really, it sort of feels like that already. He's in Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Hobbit. Name any star in Hollywood, and you can probably link them to this up-and-comer's C.V.

The same goes for any star at the CBC.

Want proof? Let's play 3 Degrees of Benedict Cumberbatch!

See how the actor's IMDB credits link him to CBC stars. If he's looking for new Canadian buddies, he's only a few degrees of separation from everyone here.

Arctic Air's Adam Beach:
Cracked star David Sutcliffe:
Jonny Harris of Murdoch Mysteries:
Linda Boyd from Republic of Doyle:
Arctic Air
star Pascale Hutton:
Republic of Doyle
's Sean McGinley:
Naomi Snieckus from Mr. D:
CBC meteorologist (and noted '90s Canadian child star) Ross Hull:
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