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22 Minutes Needs Your Help With a New Sketch

If you've spent the last 20 years dreaming of being peripherally involved in the writing of a 22 Minutes sketch, first of all, why haven't you done anything about it? But there are things you could do to keep chasing that rainbow. You could, for instance, complete a doctorate in political science, followed by several years of television writing and improvisation classes, and then, ultimately, dedicate 5 years of voluntary servitude as Mark Critch's personal Ice Capp whisperer before going through the usual hiring channels into your fantasy job.

No guarantees that's how you'd get the gig, though -- if only 'cause we made all that stuff up.

So here's a better idea: just visit the show's Facebook page. 22 Minutes needs help with a sketch, and they're looking to you for ideas.

The show wants suggestions for a new Canadian symbol. If they dig your idea, they'll use it on an upcoming episode.

"Many of our jokes, some say too many, rely on stereotypes of Canadian symbols," the show's Shaun Majumder said in a video message to fans. "Since the show started 21 years ago, things have changed."

If you've got a suggestion that's more "2013" than maple leafs, hockey or Tim Horton's, get in touch with the show by leaving a comment on the 22 Minutes Facebook page. As per Majumder, "We're going to do something fun with all your suggestions in the next few weeks."

Watch his message:

We'd pitch them the "CBC gem," but it might be a conflict of interest.

For non-jokey information on how 22 Minutes is made, check out the video below. Earlier this year, CBC Live met the show's writers, producers and stars in Halifax for this behind-the-scenes look at the long-running comedy series.


Watch 22 Minutes Tuesdays on CBC at 8:30 p.m. (9 NT).

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