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Watch the Best of 22 Minutes; Season 21 Premieres Tuesday

Before 22 Minutes signed off for its 20th season, the cast shared their guesses for the biggest headlines of summer 2013.

The prediction had something to do with the Liberal Leadership race, a new leather jacket for Jian Ghomeshi and the threat of global nuclear war, I think.

(These events may or may not be related. For the answer, just watch the episode below.)

But summer has passed. The world avoided total annihilation and Justin Trudeau is the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. As for Jian, he probably made a trip to his nearest Danier outlet.

And so it's time for Mark Critch, Cathy Jones, Susan Kent and Shaun Majumder to return for another year of 22 Minutes. The show's 21st season premieres October 8 on CBC. (Watch it at 8:30 p.m./9 NT.)

Until then, let's take another look at the season that was.

Check out their Top 5 most viewed sketches on YouTube this season:

5. "Iran Embassy Closure"
Upload date:
Sept. 21, 2012
Best line: "I would now like to speak directly to this extremist regime of...Canada? Oh, it's Canada? Cause I thought it was something serious there for a second."

4. "Robbie Boo Boo"
Upload date:
Sept. 26, 2012
Best line: "I'm Robbie Boo Boo and I wuz in a pageant and I won and now I'm a MAYOR!"

3. "Rush Hall of Fame"
Upload date:
Oct. 19, 2012
Best line/beat boxing of "Tom Sawyer" instrumentals: "Ga ga ga gooooo. Ga ga ga goooo."

2. "Don Cherry's Lockout Rant"
Upload date:
Sept. 21, 2012
Best line: "When I was playing we didn't get no money. You know what we got from being on the road? A ham sandwich and VD. And you were grateful to have it!"

1. "iPad Mini"
Upload date:
Oct. 17, 2012
Best line: "Wait, wait! I give you... the iPhone 6!"

Of course, there are more places to watch the best of 22 Minutes than YouTube.

CBC-TV, for example.

Or, you know, the CBC media player.

For more of the best of 22 Minutes, these 3 sketches were the most popular bits on the CBC site:

March 19, 2013

"Chris Hadfield Autotune"
Jan. 22, 2013

"The Real Housewives of Town"
Oct. 9, 2012

For more on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, check out CBC Live's recent visit to the show's set in Halifax. 

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