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9 Years Since the Leafs Were in the Playoffs; 12 Things That've Changed Since Then

Hockey Night in Canada's coverage of the Stanley Cup Playoffs continues on CBC, and for those watching the Eastern Conference broadcasts, tonight's Game 7 showdown between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins is one for the history books, presuming you're a member of the blindly faithful Leafs Nation.

It's been nine years since Toronto's team was even good enough to make the playoffs. Despite this, wing joints and sports bars have appeared to flourish in the city.

And yet, so many things have changed since then.

A few examples:

Nine years ago, Justin Bieber, only 10 years old, was just some random kid living in the same town as Peter Mansbridge.

Nine years ago, the "red chairs" from George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight had yet to be upholstered. If you knew how to spell Strombo's last name, you were a devout disciple of The Punk Show.

Nine years ago, Rick Mercer was ready to go solo. After years on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the comic launched his own program, and The Rick Mercer Report debuted on CBC Jan. 12, 2004.

Nine years ago, your mom had yet to swoon over Allan Hawco's abs. The Republic of Doyle creator had only just founded his theatre company, The Company Theatre, with Phillip Riccio.

Nine years ago, Dragons' Den was still two years away from its CBC premiere. The show that inspired it, though - a Japanese series called Money Tigers - wrapped its final season in 2004.

Nine years ago, Ryan Gosling starred in The Notebook, thus establishing himself as Canada's dreamiest export.

Nine years ago, Arctic Air star Pascale Hutton, freshly graduated from the University of Alberta's BFA program, was landing her first jobs in TV. You may remember her from such roles as "Secretary" in The Unauthorized Story of Mork and Mindy.

Nine years ago, Facebook was for university students only, Twitter had yet to be invented and the notion of a CBC Live gallery of Instagram photos was but a far-off dream.

Nine years ago, if you said that something was "fit for the pit," kids knew what you were talking about. Street Cents, the long-running consumer affairs show, was still on CBC.

Nine years ago, CBC Radio's Rich Terfry won his first Juno for his Buck 65 album Talkin' Honky Blues.

Nine years ago, Heartland star Alisha Newton was two-and-a-half years old. The youngest kids on Mr. D were probably still zygotes.

Nine years ago, Don Cherry was still dressing like this:

-- Getty Images

Watch Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.

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