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100 Dorothys Whittled Down to 20 for Over the Rainbow


The final one hundred Dorothys were treated to a performance of War Horse
at Toronto's Princess of Wales theatre before Thursday's callback.

On Thursday (June 21), the final one hundred Dorothy hopefuls for CBC's Over the Rainbow - coming this fall - had one more chance to impress the judges in the hope of advancing to the next stage of the competition. Over the Rainbow is searching for a lead for Mirvish's upcoming Toronto production of The Wizard of Oz, and twenty girls have made it to the next round, Dorothy Farm.

We spoke with some of the hopefuls at the Toronto auditions - three of whom made it through to the final twenty - and heard that the feeling amongst the girls wasn't one of rivalry, but camaraderie.

Before Thursday's callback, the hundred Dorothy's were treated by Mirvish to a performance of War Horse at Toronto's Princess of Wales theatre. We spoke to three more hopefuls there - two of whom made it into the final twenty - about what kind of insight the show gave them, and how it made them feel to think they could be up there on-stage this time next year:

Emily Robertson: That was fantastic. It's a triple threat - it's going to be a whole new world of three different equally exciting ideas for us. It is an eye opener. As much as I've been singing for a long time, that taught me a lot.

Andrea MacWilliams: Absolutely incredible. We've a bit of experience of how a show is put on but, of course, being teenagers we're not regularly exposed to a production of that magnitude. It's incredible to see all of the sets and props they get to use. And the physical ability in terms of being able to coordinate your movements. It's really interesting to see all the different ways that choreography can be used in a production. I'm very interested to see what they do with The Wizard of Oz...

Malindi Ayienga: The show was incredible. I was bawling by the end! I've been doing musical theatre since Grade 9, but all the lights and the sounds and the costumes... it's so overwhelming. Imagining that being a big yellow brick road and everything green for Oz... it's so incredible.

The final twenty Dorothys are as follows, click on their names to go to their Twitter profiles - if they tweet.

Malindi Ayienga, Etobicoke, ON

Michelle Bouey, Charlottetown, PEI

AJ Bridel, Kitchener, ON

Alessandra Cannito, Toronto, ON

Rebecca Codas, Toronto, ON

Sarah Forestieri, Nobleton, ON

Colleen Furlan, Winnipeg, MB

Julia Gartha, Unionville, ON

Jennifer Gillis, Coquitlam, B.C.

Cassandra Hodgins, London, ON

Stephanie La Rochelle, Ottawa, ON

Lia Luz, Scarborough, ON

Fiona McIntyre, Port Moody, BC

Jessie Munro, Toronto, ON

Tevra Plamondon, Red Deer, AB

Emily Robertson, Milford Station, NS

Christie Stewart, Vernon, BC

Michelle Thibodeau, Moncton, NB

Kelsey Verzotti, Calgary, AB

Danielle Wade, La Salle, ON

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Check out our gallery from the Toronto Over the Rainbow auditions:



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