MARY DARLING (Executive Producer)

Since joining WestWind Pictures in 1999, Mary Darling has helped the company evolve into a major player in Canada's television industry. Co-owner of WestWind Pictures, Mary provides the company with overall management, as well as creative and executive producer services on all if its series. Mary also heads up WestWind Releasing, which distributes WestWind's diverse properties. Mary was the recipient of a Common Ground Award for Building Understanding for her role in the production of Little Mosque on the Prairie. She has received WIFT’s International Achievement Award for Excellence in Innovation (Television).

CLARK DONNELLY (Executive Producer)

Clark Donnelly co-founded WestWind Pictures in 1989, leaving a post as vice-president of Regina's CKCK Television where he had worked for fifteen years. Since then he has been intimately involved in the creative development and production of all of the company's subsequent work. Clark is also an established writer and producer of documentary films, with topics ranging from art and religion to children and divorce.

ALLAN MAGEE (Executive Producer)

A much sought after television producer, this is Magee's second season on the comedy series Little Mosque on the Prairie. He was also Co-executive Producer on Smart Woman Survival Guide, and Creative Consultant on multiple seasons of shows such as Billable Hours, Trailer Park Boys, Kenny vs. Spenny and Slings & Arrows. He is president of Magee TV Inc., a television company creating innovative new formats for international audiences in the genres of scripted, lifestyle and reality. He was a producer on the feature film Sam & Me, and has story edited hundreds of features including Canadian indie hits Poor Boys' Game, Lucid, Summer Babe, Cube, Rude, Eclipse, Highway 61, Roadkill, and Blood & Donuts. Magee is a mentor with The Canadian Film Centre and consultant to numerous international broadcasters.


After writing and directing the Genie Award-winning short film The Mysterious Moon Men of Canada and A Trip Around Lake Ontario, Brunton produced the feature films Roadkill and Highway 61. As the Executive Director of the Canadian Film Centre's Feature Film Project, he executive-produced five features, including Rude, Blood & Donuts, and Cube. Brunton has line-produced a number of feature films, including Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Foolproof, and How She Move, and TV series including An American in Canada, Puppets Who Kill and How To Be Indie. In 2007, he directed the feature concert DVD Duality of Self, featuring eccentric musician Jandek. In his spare time compiles footage for his feature documentary The Last Pogo Jumps Again, a sequel to his infamous 1978 punk rock doc, The Last Pogo.


Michael Snook is an executive producer, producer and writer, with nearly four decades of experience in film and television, radio, print and the music industry. For the past fourteen years, he has focused on film and television, and has extensive credits in non-fiction production, as well as performance and dramatic productions. Michael is an active member of the Canadian Film and Television Producers Association.

ZARQA NAWAZ (Creator/Consulting Producer/Writer)

Zarqa Nawaz has worked as a freelance writer/broadcaster with CBC Radio, and in various capacities with CBC Newsworld, CTV's Canada AM, and CBC's The National. Her first short film BBQ Muslims, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1996. In 2005, her documentary entitled Me and the Mosque, a co-production with the National Film Board and the CBC, was broadcast on CBC's Rough Cuts. A practicing Muslim and mother of four, Zarqa grew up going to a mosque. When she moved to Regina ten years ago, she joined a smaller congregation where the relationships between the congregants were more intimate then in the big city. This became the inspiration for Little Mosque on the Prairie.

JASON BELLEVILLE (Consulting Producer/Writer)

is professional comedy writer, and yet – much to his parent’s surprise – he still manages to earn a living. Over the past year and half, Jason has worked on over 60 episodes of television for three different networks. Bob and Doug for Global, Testees for F/X and Showcase, and CBC’s international hit, Little Mosque on the Prairie, where he is currently finishing his second season. With his brother Ryan, he is developing a new half-hour comedy for E1 and Showcase. On the feature side, Jason has worked on projects for Walt Disney, IDT/20th Century Fox and the Weinstien Co. Jason is also a noted stand up and a regular on the alternative comedy scene. He splits his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.

DAN REDICAN (Consulting Producer/Writer)

Since co-founding ‘The Frantics’ comedy troupe, Dan has been a central figure in the comedy scene on both sides of the border. He worked as story editor and supervising producer on the critically acclaimed The Kids in the Hall, and MTV’s Jenny McCarthy Show. More recently, he was executive story editor and star of the award-winning Puppets Who Kill. Dan was a writer for the first two seasons of Little Mosque on the Prairie, and this season marks his return to the series.

SHANE CORKERY (Associate Producer)

has written and animated several short films, including Tumbleweeds which has aired on CBC, ZDF (Germany), and was acquired by Wired Magazine On-Line. He also co-edited and co-wrote ’Bitter’, a collection of short stories that ranked on the Montreal Gazette's bestseller list for a single week, if only due to an accounting error. More recently, Shane worked with director Lori Chodos on the short film Lucky Day, which premiered at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival. Shane co-wrote their second film together, El Turista, which recently premiered at the 2009 Indie Spirit Festival. In addition to acting as Associate Producer on Little Mosque on the Prairie, he writes and produces for the Little Mosque website.


JIM ALLODI (director) has worked on the television series ReGenesis (Shaftesbury Films), Rent-A-Goalie (Showcase) and Naked Josh (Showcase), for which he won a Best Direction Gemini in 2006. Prior to this, Jim worked on the shows Metropia (Omni) and Paradise Falls (Showcase). Jim graduated with a BFA in Film Production from NYU and is a former Director Resident for the Canadian Film Centre. Jim is directing two episodes of Little Mosque on the Prairie this season.

MICHAEL KENNEDY (director) is an award-winning, genre-jumping director with a reputation for creating stylish films that achieve both critical and commercial success. He has directed 14 feature-length theatrical films/MOW’s and over 130 episodes of network drama and comedy that encompass the pilots for 11 different television series and 33 episodes of Little Mosque On The Prairie, including the entire first season. He has directed shows across Canada as well as in the US, Mexico, Belize, Germany, Hungary, and India. His awards include 2 Directors Guild of Canada Awards (6 nominations), a Directors Guild of America nomination, 2 Best Director Gemini nominations, and 3 Canadian Comedy Awards (11 nominations).

BRIAN ROBERTS (director) is a well-known name in directing sitcoms today. His list of credits is substantial, both north and south of the border. He has directed such popular American shows as Everybody Loves Raymond, The Drew Carey Show, According to Jim, King of Queens, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and most recently, acted as supervising producer and director on the Flava Flav series, Under One Roof. In Canada, Brian has helmed episodes for such series as The Jane Show, About a Girl, Naturally Sadie, ‘Da Kink in my Hair, G Spot and Little Mosque on the Prairie.

STEVE WRIGHT (director) is an award winning television director. Steve has directed over 100 episodes of television for such networks as The Disney Channel, BBC, CBC, and Family Channel. His recent credits include Connor Undercover, Life With Derek, and Under One Roof. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two kids.

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