Sugith Varughese

Faisal is one of the most ultra-conservative members of Mercy Mosque, making him the perfect cohort for Baber. In fact, he's constantly egging Baber on, simply by accusing him of becoming soft. For all his talk and chest puffing, Faisal has a close relationship with his wife, Mufeeda; sometimes as close as the back of her hand. She clearly wears the pants in that relationship.


Season 2

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Season 3

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mercy
Recipe For Disaster
Baber Makes An Entrance
Meet The Jaffers
Can I Get A Witness?

Season 4

Death by Chocolate
Gloves Will Keep Us Together
The Great Indoors
Holly Go Quickly
Radio Silence
Keeping The Faith
A Farewell To Amaars
A Lease Too Far