Boyd Banks

Joe is a local wheat farmer whose family has been in Mercy for generations. He's a soft-spoken soul who exudes an almost Zen like aura of peace. Despite being well-read, Joe lacks self-confidence and assumes that if he knows something, everyone else must know it too. It's easy to mistake Joe for a simple redneck at first glance. He doesn't say much, which makes him an excellent listener in a town full of talkers. He's an emotional guy who is genuinely touched when he's included in the community. Joe is a simple man with simple pleasures. He enjoys working driving his combine, usually with his eyes closed, and hanging out with his fellow prairie dog lodge buddies.


Season 1

Little Mosque
The Open House

Season 2

Grave Concern
Ban the Burqa
Jihad On Ice
The Crush
Wheat Week
Meet JJ

Season 3

Amaar at the Bat
Rules R Rules
Let Prairie Dogs Lie
The Week Of Dying Dangerously
Recipe For Disaster
My Shariah
Baber Makes An Entrance
Can I Get A Witness?

Season 4

What's Yours Is Mine
Break And Enter
Death by Chocolate
Saving Sarah Hamoudi
Gloves Will Keep Us Together
The Great Indoors
Pants On Fire
The Letter
A Farewell To Amaars
A Lease Too Far