Derek McGrath


Reverend Magee was once the world–weary but warm–hearted minister at Mercy Anglican. It was his idea to rent out the parish hall to the Muslims when they found themselves without a mosque. The Reverend saw the arrangement as mutually beneficial. The Muslims would have a place to worship, and the extra income would help cover the heating bills. Of course, this put him at odds with his superiors who wondered why he couldn't fill his church with new parishioners instead of Muslims. Magee was of particular help to Amaar over the years, acting as both a friend and a mentor. But now that he has left Mercy to do service in the North, Amaar will discover just how big Magee's shoes are to fill.


DEREK McGRATH is an accomplished screen and stage actor. His long list of television credits include This Is Wonderland, Star Trek: Voyager, Ellen, The Red Green Show, Married With Children, Cheers, Street Legal, Dallas, Family Matters and Newhart, to name a few. He also has many film credits to his name including Charlie Bartlett, Full Of It, Stuart Bliss, Chameleon, She's Out Of Control, Police Academy IV, Mr.Mom and Nothing Personal. In addition, Derek has performed in numerous stage productions for Second City and The Shaw Festival Theatre.